Pete's Produce Farm at Westtown School

A glimpse into the history of Westtown School’s farm and how Pete’s Produce Farm fits into the picture

25 Years With The Food Bank!

This season we are celebrating our 25th year growing with the Chester County Food Bank! Check out this article to read up on our history with what was once known as the Gleaning Program.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Check here regularly before you visit Pete’s Produce Farm this season!

***Updated 5/21/21***

Aerial View of the Farm in Autumn


From the blog…

A Carriage Ride Away

Pictured above is a student-drawn watercolor of Westtown School's farm, circa 1816Image courtesy of Westtown School Archives Which way do you go to Pete’s? For many, the most direct route is probably 926. That’s Street Road, the west end of which takes you all the way...

25 Years Growing With The Food Bank!

Most of our long-time customers know Pete’s propensity to experiment with new ideas. His journey as a farmer can be tracked by this very tendency. We all know the story. In 1989, he was only a few years into his dairy farming career when he tried his hand at growing...

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Season after season, we have new and improved answers to this perennial question: Why buy local? We all share a general sense that it’s great for the community. It makes us better connected, strengthens our local economy, makes us more prosperous as a whole—it...