You have a lot on your plate today and not enough of it is local.


Be on the lookout for any and all opportunities revolving around the local harvest of snap peas.


The new moon solar eclipse today will reveal to you what you need in your heart of hearts and your stomach of stomachs.


This is a poor day to embark on fancy schmancy spiritual endeavors. Hang back with a bowl of strawberries until cosmic conditions improve. We’ll keep you posted.


Social interactions may be confusing today. One thing is crystal clear, though. Local strawberries.


Today you will sow seeds of opportunity, and you will harvest personal growth in the coming months. Growing basil would arguably be more rewarding, but you do you, Virgo.


Your world is about to pop off. The cosmos have conspired to expand your horizons and take things to the next level. That’s right—LOCAL SNAP PEAS!


Something is stirring deep within your soul today like a big ol’ pot of…gazpacho? Is your soul makin’ up some gazpacho? 


Social interactions may be confusing today, so be careful not to put your foot in your mouth. Put a strawberry in your mouth—a bell pepper, a handful of blueberries, anything but your foot.


This may be a highly productive day for you, perhaps even aggressively so. Take the edge off with some local strawberries.


Eat kale.


You are famously compatible with Taurus, and we have it on good authority that Taureans will lead you to local snap peas today.