You will experience highs and lows today—highs as high as corn stalks, and lows as low as the sugar content in avocados.


Sure, Aries is departing from Cancer and entering Leo, but hey important things are happening right here on Earth, too. These things called snap peas are just popping up out of the ground.


You may not like beets, but your twin does.


You are naturally attracted to earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), probably because Earth is where the zucchini is.   


Mars moves into your sign today, so you’d better have some local strawberries on hand. Being a good host is that easy.


Life has been throwing you some real curveballs lately. Snap peas? You sure didn’t see that one coming, but you’re handling it so well!


Your to-do list and your grocery list may be one in the same today.


You may be discovering and expressing previously guarded emotions today, destabilizing your relationship to the outside world. You may cry over things like blueberries.


As Mars starts hanging out with Leo today, you may find yourself wanting to surround yourselves with different friends as well. Snap peas make great friends.  


Today has you feeling calm and content, perhaps due to the current astral configuration—or maybe it’s the local strawberries.


Life today feels like a big ol’ bowl of blueberries. Is that good or bad? You don’t even know. Perfect day to mull it over.


You tend to be attracted to Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn, but today you’re attracted to whoever has strawberries.