The universe knows that you need a break today, so it has conspired with Earth, and the two have arranged a local harvest of strawberries just for you.


The moon gently glides through Taurus today, but other than that, literally nothing else is going on. Savor this moment as if it were a local tomato.


Today’s skies are sleepy and sweet, directly impacting the Earth around you and what it brings forth. Local strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, and more are at your lazy fingertips.


Tomatoes aren’t bad in isolation, but today they crave a vibrant community of lettuce, spinach, carrots, and peppers.


You may struggle to see your higher destiny today, but take solace in the fact that zinnia seeds don’t know that they’re gonna be awesome, either.


Today you take a step back from looking at the micro details of life. This new perspective and awareness opens you up to all the different ingredients available to you in this great big salad we call life.


Don’t expect to be too productive today. The moon is moseying through Taurus, and it might be running late. It mentioned something about stopping at Pete’s for strawberries.


As the universe invites you to focus on your own partnerships today, give the same consideration to your local produce. Find the basil to your tomatoes, the strawberry to your rhubarb, etc.


A lack of cosmic activity today leaves you craving order and structure, just as tomatoes need to be staked and cucumbers trellised.


With the moon in Taurus today, the universe calls you to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your (local farmer’s) labor.


You have been following the recipes and suggestions of others for too long. A leisurely day like today invites you to get creative and improvise with local produce.


Today you take a break from the rigid world of schedules and deadlines and instead work at your own pace. A tomato isn’t picked 60 days from transplanting. It’s picked when it’s ready.