You’ve had your heart broken by previous growing seasons. Time and again you’ve fallen in love with local produce, only to see it disappear by November. Today you’ll summon the courage to put yourself out there again.


Your self-care is unparalleled, but don’t be stingy with the care that you dole out to others. If you take good enough care of your tomato plants, eventually they’ll take good care of you, too. 


If you let the fear of ruining a new zucchini recipe prevent you from trying to make it, then you will never know true prosperity.


Yesterday’s much-needed rest has provided you with an abundance of energy and initiative today. Don’t be shy about going after what you really want (strawberries).


As you devote energy to personal goals today, keep your guard up. The world of personal goals is a garden under persistent threat of rabbits.


You’re being pushed outside your comfort zone today. The whole world is eating garlic scapes, and you hesitate at your own peril. Broaden your horizons with gustoand pesto.


The moon in peace-seeking Taurus invites you to grow within your own vulnerability. Be a tomato.


Today may provide you with the right balance of reflection and energy to address matters that you feel have recently been ignored. You may slam your fists down on the table and demand local strawberries.


The moon’s presence in easygoing Taurus, heading for self-motivated Aries, will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. Things just couldn’t be better. Wait ‘til you get some local tomatoes, though.


There’s a rumor going around that you haven’t tried local strawberries yet this season. Is this true? Get it together, Capricorn.


Focus your energies on worthwhile opportunities for self-growth. Prune away those endeavors that will suspend your development.


Step away from your garden for five minutes and reach out to your family and friends. They’re worried about you.