Recent hesitations on your part have put you in a bind. Meanwhile, outside all around you, the whole world is growing, blooming, and getting harvested. Take a moment to get in tune with it all today.


Exciting news will break up the monotony today. Something you’ve been waiting for all year. A total game-changer. (Hint: It’s snap peas.)


Listen to your body today. You’ve been ignoring its calls, texts, emails, and all it wants to do is check in with youmaybe eat some local strawberries, too.


Did you know that Cancers are the most frequently arrested signs of the zodiac? Local produce is great and all, but is it really worth turning to a life of crime? Ask yourself. It is? Okay, as you were.




You might want to take it easy today. Your cosmic fuel tank is running low, but you can fill it back up with out-of-this-world local produce.


Out with the old, in with the new. In the pantry of your soul, dispose of the toxic Twinkies, the Pop-Tarts of pain, the sad sodas. Make room for a fresh bounty of strawberries, snap peas, zucchini, beets…


Your effortless grace and easy nature in social situations will make shopping for local produce a breeze today.


There are more Scorpio US presidents than any other sign. Your first order of business should be local strawberries.



Today is a day for pruning your closest relationships. Cut away the branches that are draining energy from personal development and fulfillment.


Don’t overdo it today. Your sanity and well-being depend on a balance between the items on your to-do list and local snap peas.


Your eccentricity and quirky interests make you uniquely compatible with snap peas, beets, and strawberries. And, boy, are you in luck! All three are in harvest. Romance is in the air.


Despite the weather, today will bring news that is sure to shine down on you like a ray of sunlight upon a bed of outstretched zinnias.