Not sure of what corn to try? Here are some facts that might help

Sugar Enhanced (se)-
Hybridization: one Normal Sugary and one Sugar Enhanced parent.FarmGallery (14)
Sugar: 16—18 %
Shelf Life: 48 hours
Varieties: Argent, Incredible

Double Sugar Enhanced (se+) –
Hybridization: two Sugar Enhanced parents
Sugar: 18-20%
Shelf Life: 48 hours
Varieties: Sugar Snow, Silver King
Notes: More tender and sweeter than Sugar Enhanced, about 45% of the corn grown at Pete’s Produce Farm falls into this category. The downfall, however, is decreased yield and vigor from plants as compared to Sugar Enhanced and Normal Sugary

Super Sweets (Sh2) – or shrunken 2s
Hybridization: developed over 20 years ago from a mutant field corn gene
Sugar: 28-30%
Shelf life: 16 days
Varieties: Even Sweeter, Kandy Krisp  Pete’s Produce Farm does not grow this type of corn
Notes: The kernels are very tough, and the sweetness detracts from the traditional corn flavor. This is still the main type of corn sold in grocery stores. The only redeeming quality to this class of corn is that it provides the genetic foundation for the ShQs, which are amazing in comparison.

Hybridization: 100% Sugar Enhanced  plus 100% Super Sweets gene in each kernel
Sugar: 28% and as tender as the se+
Shelf life: 12 days
Varieties: Mirai (me-rye), Vision, Mirai bicolor
Notes: Originally developed for the Japanese market, Mirai is our favorite. Mirai accounts for 80% of the sweet corn sold in Japan and 45% of corn sold at Pete’s

Hybridization: 100% Sugar Enhanced and 25% Super Sweets parent
Sugar: 25%
Shelf life: 7 –10 days
Varieties: Honey Select, Avalon, and Mattipoise TT
Notes: This is a new class of sweet corn, sometimes called triple sweets. All kernels have the Sugar enhanced genes and 25% of the kernels also carry the Super Sweets genes. About 10% of the corn grown at Pete’s is SeQ

Colors: White, yellow, bi-color, and red.
Flavors are relative to class and variety, not color!