Peach season starts in late July or Early August

Listed are the first few varieties that we will have available.

RedHavenRed Haven
This variety is considered by many as the standard to the Northeast peach industry. Tree is vigorous, very bud-hardy, and productive. Fruit is medium-size and colors to a brilliant red. One of the best commercial varieties. Ripens about August 1st in Southern Pennsylvania.


JonBoysJon Boys
This peach has now claimed a prominent status as a commercial peach variety. Discovered by Ed Clendenning in 1981 as a complete limb sport of Loring. Fruit is of very high quality ripening ten to fourteen days before Loring with better color. Fruit is large and very firm.


WhiteLadyWhite Lady
Recognized as the first important sub-acid white fleshed peach to be introduced in the eastern United States, White Lady is an outstanding variety in every way. The fruit is highly colored and very firm with excellent dessert qualities.


SugarMaySugar May
This is one of the best early season varieties. Sugar May is medium in size, highly colored and firm producing excellent quality freestone peaches.


GarnetBeautyGarnet Beauty
A sport of Redhaven ripening about ten days earlier. Fruit is high quality, firm, and freestone when fully ripe.