FarmGallery (46) In 2008, Pete decided to begin raising chickens so that he could offer farm fresh eggs to his customers. Now, we have over 100 free range chickens living on the farm. From Rhode Island Reds to Araucanas and Leghorn, the eggs range in colors from white and light brown to green and chocolate brown. Fresh eggs are available in store every day. Chickens

Our chickens live the good life, spending up to 12 hours per day outside. They love to forage for bugs and other goodies, but their real favorites are lettuce, grapes  and cantaloupe!



Farm fresh eggs can be a bit of a challenge to hard boil and peel….


Put all the raw eggs in a pot that has a tight, snug fitting lid. Cover the eggs with lukewarm tap water with about an inch over the top of the eggs. Cook on high heat until the water comes to a rolling boil. Remove pan from the heat and let stand for 18 minutes. Gently pour out the hot water and fill again with the coldest water. Let the eggs sit in the very cold water for a minute or two and then refill the pot again with the coldest water, icy is best. The coldest water possible insures that the membrane will separate from the shell.

Tap both ends of the hard boiled egg on a hard surface, breaking the shell on both ends and then lay the egg on its side and roll gently but firmly and you should get a perfectly peeled egg.