Pennsylvania! Birthplace of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States; home to the country’s oldest brewery, the world-famous Philly cheesesteak, and of course Hershey, “The Sweetest Place On Earth”—there’s a lot to love about the great Keystone State. And, as we roll into August, the peak of our growing season, farmers and foodies alike are reminded that the pride of Pennsylvania is (at least partly) its produce!

That’s right, folks! August is PA Produce Month, that wonderful time of year when local harvests are at their zenith. This month we can expect lots and lots of our own corn, tomatoes, “Dr. Martin” lima beans, plus local apples, melons, peaches, and way more. PA Produce Month is an opportunity for every Pennsylvanian to explore and enjoy a world of culinary possibilities, to hop in the car and see what our neighbors are growing, to share with each other and find out what our plates and our palates have been missing all this time.

If you’re a regular at Pete’s, you already know how enriched our own market is by the other farms we work with. Just imagine what else is out there—in Lancaster, Berks County, and beyond, all the way out to Potter County where we get our awesome Sticky Bucket maple syrup. Who wouldn’t want to spend a golden August day exploring the gigantic network of farms in Pennsylvania?

Visit for more information on PA Produce Month. And remember! The best way to partake in PA Produce Month is to buy local! Make a beeline for your nearest farmers market, see which restaurants are sourcing local farms, or, if you have a free day, go get lost in Pennsylvania! You’re bound to come across something great!