For the past few decades, Community Supported Agriculture programs (CSA’s) have revolutionized the relationship between small farms and their communities.

The idea is simple. Members of a CSA buy shares in a farm at the beginning of the season, which essentially serves as an up-front investment and a subscription to that farm’s harvest. Traditionally, these members receive a weekly box of that farm’s fresh-picked produce over the course of the season.

For farmers and local residents, there are a ton of benefits to a CSA. Because farmers incur most expenses in the first few months of the season, this up-front payment goes a long way. And, for CSA members, they’re guaranteed fresh produce throughout the season that is straight from the source. It’s no wonder that CSA’s have become so popular in communities worldwide.

For all the great benefits of a traditional CSA, however, there are a few limitations and potential drawbacks. For example, if you miss your weekly pickup, most CSA’s don’t offer a refund or an alternative. Members also take on a certain amount of risk in their investment. There’s no telling what the season’s harvest may look like, and members may feel disappointed or restricted by what they’re given each week.

Taking these pros and cons of a traditional CSA model into account, Pete’s Produce Farm offers an alternative that gives members more choices and flexibility throughout the season.

Here’s how our CSA works: Customers can invest however much they want by putting money onto a CSA card, which functions just like a gift card. And, just like gift cards, they make excellent gifts! All CSA cards purchased by Mother’s Day (hint, hint…) will receive an additional 20% on the card. For example:

A card purchased for $20 will have a balance of $24

A card purchased for $100 will have a balance of $120

A card purchased for $500 will have a balance of $600

And so on…

Unlike a traditional CSA, Pete’s CSA cards can be used to purchase anything in our store—anything at all. Flowers, plants, veggies, fruit, cookies, you name it. Also, if for some reason you still have money left on your card by the end of the season, you can hang onto it and continue using it next season!

So, if you love fresh food, free money, and supporting local agriculture, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our CSA!