Farming Techniques


For years conservation experts have focused on planting field crops using no-till. In Pennsylvania, there are now efforts to promote the use of no-till for transplanting vegetable plants. Farm

Traditional methods of plowing and cultivating often leave vegetable fields bare during most of the growing season and throughout the winter months. Because of this continuous soil disturbance, soil erosion rates on vegetable fields are often higher than on fields used to grow field corn, soybeans, or small grains.

Organic farms using cultivation as the only method of weed control find the constant tillage destroys soil structure, reduces organic matter, and soil nutrients.


We don’t like to limit ourselves to the restrictions of any one methodology. We use many organic practices as well as sustainable and conventional practices that we feel are safe and environmentally sound. Using educated, thoughtful, and specific decision-making, we can grow the highest quality fruits and vegetables in an environmentally, socially, and financially responsible way. Some organic practices are harmful to the environment, such as cultivating weeds and some conventional practices can be harmful as well. We use many bio-controls when feasible but will also use pesticides when necessary.