Jarred Goods

To extend the flavors of the season, Pete’s uses our own heirloom tomatoes and other homegrown ingredients to produce spaghetti sauce, salsa, and ketchup.

Pete’s own winter squash and local apples create hearty pumpkin butter and old-fashioned applesauce.JarredGood

We carry many different types of jams and jellies and old time favorite pickled goods.

We are stocked full of chips, pretzels, crackers,etc to go along with your favorite salsas and dips.

Our shelves hold a wide variety of delicious salad dressings,light and refreshing, to compliment your summer salads.

We proudly carry DiBruno Bros. cheese, mozzarella balls, olives and other goodies straight from their famous South Philly shop

To meet the demand for locally produced, grass fed meats we now have two freezers filled with delicious pork sausage, ground beef , sirloin and rib-eye as well pork chops, all locally and humanely raised (selection is based on availability.)